Even the Apartments Are Bigger in Texas

When people used to say that things are always bigger and better in Texas, I just kind of laughed. Now that I live here, I have realized that it is something that Texans say with pride because it is true. I got my first taste of that when I started looking at apartments online. I had looked at an online ad that said to click here for more information, so that is what I did. That led me to The Forum which is in Grand Prairie, which is the area that I was looking to move to.

I was expecting to see some decent apartments, but I had no idea that I was going to find one that is as nice as where I now live. I have never seen an apartment living room as big as the one that I have now. I have also never seen a patio as big as the one that I have now. I just have a one bedroom apartment, but it is honestly bigger than the two bedroom apartment that I gave up when moving here. I was going to get another two bedroom unit, but after seeing the floor plans, I knew that it would be way too big for me.

The storage unit that I have on my patio is bigger than what my balcony was at my last apartment, and the bathroom actually has its own linen closet that is huge. I even have my own laundry room, which is probably the nicest bonus of all. I do a lot of dry cleaning, but I still had to go to the laundry mat in the past. Those days are over, and the days of living small are well over now. I love living in Texas, and I cannot wait to see what happens next to me here!