It is Perfect for Our Needs

Even before I went online to look at apartments in Dallas uptown, I had a feeling I knew where I was going to live. I had passed by Routh Street Flats a few times, and I really liked everything that I was able to see from the road. I knew that it was luxury apartments, and that is what I was looking for. Instead of searching for apartments in general, I searched for their website so I would be able to look at some pictures and find out some details on all of the features that are offered to the residents there.

I knew that they had to be plentiful, and I was not disappointed at all. I only looked at the two bedroom units because I knew that my daughter would want her own bedroom when she came to stay with me on the weekends. I can’t blame here there, and I wanted her to have anything she would want there too. There was one two bedroom that I liked best. Each one has a bath, and one is a private bath only for that room. It is not the master bedroom, which I definitely wanted because I needed the bigger space, so I was happy that her bedroom had the private bath.

If I have company over, they can use my bathroom, it really is not a big deal. The kitchen is really nice, and it has an island where we can just eat right there at the bar. The living room has room for a dining room table, but I don’t want to clutter up the space. I would rather eat at the island and have a bigger living room. The balcony is L shaped and perfect too. This apartment could have been made for us, it is that perfect for our needs.