Using a Chiropractor for a Stress Fracture

Being an athlete for most of my life has really taken a toll on my body. I’ve had a lot of different injuries before, but I’ve always seemed to bounce back right away. Most recently, I ended up with a stress fracture. I run on the cross-country team, so my body is usually well conditioned. I guess this time I just ran a little too hard. My coach told me to go see his favorite San Jose chiropractor for treatment. He said that he sends all of his athletes there, because this chiropractor is the best in the area. If my coach is recommending something, that means a lot. It takes a lot to get him to say anything nice.

I did as my coach said and scheduled an appointment. The doctor took a look at me, and determined that I did have a stress fracture. He said that I shouldn’t worry about it too much, and proceeded to ask me additional questions about my medical history. After telling him the other issues that I’ve have, he seemed to believe that I may have had additional stress fractures without even knowing it. I thought I was very well aware of my body, but I guess I just didn’t pay close enough attention.

Moving forward, I’m going to start with treatment immediately. The doctor says that he can help me feel better immediately, but the most important thing will be to try and prevent these types of injuries in the future. By doing that, I avoid having to see him for something so serious. I can still see him if I want to, but it will be for a basic visit rather than something this serious. I go back for my next visit in about a week, at which time I will check in with the doctor and let him know how I feel.