The House is Almost Ours

It has been much more complicated than I was hoping it was going to be, but we are almost done with all of the technical stuff and we have started to get ready to move. Of course the house is not exactly perfect and there are quite a few things to do. I need to find someone to do some tree pruning in Long Island because there is a huge dead limb over the driveway, exactly in the place where you would park your car and obviously that is exactly where the people are going to be coming and going from. I do not think it would be any fun for it to fall on a person or a vehicle, but most of all I do not want it to come down on me or my beautiful little pick up truck. That just would not do either of us any good at all.

The house is really small, but since there are only the two of us that is pretty much perfect. The yard is big and there is a fenced in back yard where we can keep a dog. Abby is excited about that and she has been going to the dog pound looking for a dog to rescue. I would like to get a big dog, the sort that would scare away potential thieves. However we are going to do what she wants to do on that front. The big job that really needs to be done first is to re do the bathroom. I am thinking about whether or not we can eventually do an addition as well, but that is going to need money and so there is not going to be one in the immediate future. The bathroom will be done as soon as possible.