Taking the Plunge to Lease a Much Nicer Apartment

My dad told me that I needed to spend some of the money I was earning. I told him about saving for retirement and being careful. Dad is our accountant. He is a CPA, and he knows quite a bit about finance. He could retire, but he doesn’t. He told me that our books were great, and our retirement was more than on track. He told me that we could at least move into a better place. He showed us some pictures of luxury apartments for St Petersburg FL, and he then showed us pictures of our place. I could see what he was getting at.

My wife and I have stayed in the same apartment since we were married. We just kept putting money away and investing to retire early. Our apartment was very cheap, but it was not in a nice area. It also was not a nice apartment at all. We actually spent a lot of time visiting her parents just to get away from the unwanted things at our place. It was noisy, and the neighborhood had declined. We could afford a better place, but we were concerned about the commitment to a higher lease cost. Then when we saw one of the luxury apartments for St Petersburg FL, we just had to move.

We happened to meet some people who would be our neighbors when we checked out the apartment. They were very nice. We did not get along with our neighbors back at our old place, and it had become too stressful to keep on living there. We signed the lease at the new place after seeing all the amenities such as the pool, the nice kitchens, the structured parking and the rooftop lounges. It was nice to finally make the plunge to a better place to live.