We Already Found the Perfect Place to Live

My husband and I had a huge decision to make. We could either look at Stone Oak apartments in San Antonio or we could talk to a realtor about buying a house here in town. I was not sure which way we should go, so I just decided to go ahead and look at both options. I looked at houses first, but I was not able to find one that really jumped out at me. The opposite was true when I looked at apartments though. I looked at one in particular and really fell in love with what I saw.

I had never lived in an apartment before, nor had my husband. We definitely had a different image of what apartment living was like in our minds though, because the apartment that we ended up getting was nothing like either one of us had imagined it would be. I was excited after seeing that the cost per month would be a lot less than what a mortgage payment would be, and the benefits of apartment living over living in a house were more than we could count. The nicest part is that we have all sorts of amenities that we would not have had with a house.

We get the use of a nice swimming pool, plus there is a clubhouse where something is always going on there. We don’t have to worry about maintenance either outside or inside. My husband is especially glad that he does not have to mow the grass once or twice a week, and I am glad if something breaks down inside, we just call maintenance to have it fixed. I thought we would just be doing this until we found a nice house to move into, but we are no longer doing that. We already found the perfect place to live!