Happier Living in an Apartment

Life can be quite chaotic for some of my friends for any number of reasons. I have always felt very blessed to live a pretty peaceful life because of some of the things that they have been through. The hardest thing I have had to endure in several years was having to move suddenly after living in a rental house for nearly eight years. I decided then to look at 2 bedroom apartments in Florissant MO rather than look for another house for a couple of different reasons. The main one is because I wanted stability for my daughter.

She is eight years old, and she is absolutely the light of my life. I wanted to find a safe part of town that was in the same school district because it is the best one here. I knew that if I looked for another rental house, the same thing could happen to us. Getting an apartment would mean that I was still paying around the same amount of money, but the chance of being told to move because someone’s nephew wanted to live there were was just not going to happen.

The two bedroom unit that we got is really nice too. We each have our own bedroom, plus I have a private bath as does she. That doesn’t mean much to her right now, but it will in a few years when she enters her teen years. There is also a swimming pool here that we can both use, and her babysitter is actually closer here. The other big change for us is that we are finally allowed to have pets here. My former landlord prohibited pets of any kind, and one of the first things we did here was go out and get a puppy. We are so much happier here, and that is what really matters.