New Work Coming to Texas

The Bellavista DFW has the right apartments for far North Fort Worth that you’ve been looking for. I was surprised by how spacious and comfortable my apartment turned out to be. Even with the reputation that Forth Worth has for being an out of the way area I was greeted by plenty of amenities. I needed a place that was close to the bus line as well as not being far from work. It was a nice little surprise that it was right next to a grocery store, too. That’s one of my primary challenges whenever I look at new apartments; finding convenient public transportation.

Several of the states that I’ve lived in simply didn’t have any kind of meaningful or useful public transportation. Texas has been improving on theirs for years now. With Rick Perry take up the role as head of the Department of Energy for the entire United States, it’s my hope that we’re going to see even more positive changes for the Lone Star State. It’s going to become one of the most developed states in the country thanks to preferential policy that will no doubt occur. This is one of the better things about President Trump being elected – he knows business.

Everyone that has taken a role in his cabinet is going to no doubt going to be rewarded. Rick Perry is a true Texan who will, hopefully, do a lot for the state. This is why I moved here. There is going to be a lot of working coming to Texas as soon as they start building the wall. I might not be a skilled worker but there will be a huge need for laborers on the wall. It’s going to take years to build this thing which means years of employment for me.