An Amazing House for a Family of Six

When I found out I was pregnant with twins, I knew that we were going to have to look for a new house. My husband and I already had two children at that point, and we thought that was all we were going to have too. We considered ourselves blessed though, and we knew that we needed to find a reputable real estate agent in Denver to help us find a much bigger house for our growing family. The house we had been living in had three bedrooms, so there was just no way that was going to work for our family that would soon have six people in it.

I knew that we were definitely going to stop after the twins, but I still wanted to have a house that had at least six bedrooms in it. I wanted each of the kids to have their own room, plus I wanted one for family when any of them decided to come and visit us. I also wanted one that had plenty of bathrooms. That might seem silly to want more than three bathrooms, but for a family of six, I think it is is a necessity.

I honestly was not sure if the realtor would be able to find us what we wanted, because we also wanted a huge yard, a garage, and a large kitchen that we would not have to remodel. Imagine my surprise when he told me had not one or even two properties that fit what we wanted, but at least four right off the bat. He showed us all four of them, but I knew after the second one that it was the one that we wanted to call home. It has everything we want, plus so much more. My husband’s favorite part is the outdoor kitchen on the back patio, and my favorite is the large master bathroom with the garden tub. The kids, while still young, are going to love their rooms as well as the large yard!