I Am Glad I Did Not Jump to Back Surgery As My First Option

An MRI on my back showed some disc damage and other problems. I was offered surgery to repair it. However, I was not offered high odds of success. If it was a game of chance, I certainly would not have bet anything on it. Seeing it was my back, I definitely did not want to take a chance. The odds were for slightly less pain but not really anything about improving how I can move. I got cleared by my medical doctor to see a Cumming chiropractor for a plan of therapy that my primary care doctor would agree to.

After a couple of weeks of going to the chiropractor three days per week, for adjustments, massage, heat therapy and electrical stimulation therapy, my back pain improved considerably. I then started exercises to increase the strength of my back. As my muscles in my back got stronger, even more pain left me. I cannot say that I am at 100 percent, but I can say that I am a whole lot better than I was before. When it was at its worst, I could not do anything I wanted to do. I could not even walk our dog. Now I am walking about two miles per day with only the slightest discomfort. I can even run for about half of a block.

I am making steady improvements. The relief I get from the pain was the most important reason I went to the Cumming chiropractor in the first place. Now it is to improve strength and maintain how good I am doing with my back trouble. Your spine holds up everything else, and you are pretty much out of commission when it is acting up. Now I can concentrate on my job again because the pain is practically nonexistent. I am glad I did not jump to surgery as my first option.