I Have to Get Create to Get My Message Across

I told my husband that he needed to go visit a Tracy dentist or I would never give him another kiss. He thought I was joking around, but I was totally serious when I said it. I was going to make sure that he went, and the only way to do that was to tell him that he was on his own if he didn’t do what I asked. The reason behind this was because he is lazy about seeing any kind of doctor. I have to beg, and he ends up hearing that as nagging. His mom nagged him a lot, so he tends to tune it out rather quickly and tries to ignore. So, I have had to find other tactics to get him to listen.

As someone who is very easy going and calm, I am not one to be someone who nags. But I know that I want my husband to be able to keep all his teeth far into his old age. So, it is important that I get him to take care of them. He can be quiet lazy about it. I figured that if he is going to be lazy at home about it, getting him to a dental appointment on a regular basis will help offset that some, even if only by a little. If I see him becoming annoyed by me asking him to do something, I will back off and find another way to reach him so that he doesn’t feel like he’s being forced to do something.

Getting the hubby into the dentist chair was a wakeup call for him. The dentist pointed out that he a lot of decay that needed to be taken care of. He also received the reminder that he needs to have his teeth cleaned no less than once per year from here on out. So, between the two of us, my hubby is ready to take things more seriously.